This project investigates the idea of the Earth as an extension of
self in the development of a mutually sustaining and energising relationship to body and environment and to each other.

It builds on existing research into ecology and eco-psychology (Deep Ecology, Ecofeminism), Somatic ecology and Indigenous knowledge to develop a range of embodied environmental empathy exercises. Through a comparative study of responses both prior and post participation in the multi-sensory exercises, the research project investigates the impact of improving one’s relationship to their body and the environment in invoking personal and planetary healing. This healing includes greater personal well-being, pro-environmental behaviours and a transition to regenerative modes of thinking and interacting with the environment, rather than extractive paradigms.

Key words

embodiment, methods braiding technique, decolonised research practices, environmental empathy, Deep Ecology, Ecofeminism, Somatic Ecology, Indigenous Knowledge, nature, sensory awareness

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